Washburn Success Story Mooney Family

Parents Say Washburn is the Absolute Best Choice

Our kids, Gage and Rain Mooney, started going to Washburn Academy when we moved back to Clearwater at the end of 2011. We’d had a rough year in Boulder, Colorado previously and really just wanted to get our feet back on the ground and the kids into a safe and sane environment where they could really thrive.

When we enrolled them we had no real idea of what the relationship would be like or the dynamics of the group but we knew it came highly recommended from my niece who also attended Washburn so we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best when we dropped them off for their first trial day…and we never looked back. The kids immediately became a part of the group and started thinking more and more like people rather than “teenagers”. It’s been such an amazing adventure!

Enrolling our kids in Washburn was the absolute best choice we could have made for them. During these last 2 1/2 years, we have come to count on the backup and support we have in Shawn, Bob and Jen (among the other amazing staff they have over there). I count them as my friends and know I’m fortunate to do so. When an issue comes up with one of the kids, in or out of school, we know we can call Shawn and Jen to go over exactly what’s happened, what we’re doing about it and then get full backup and help from them with the situation and helping the kids to understand better and therefore do better.

They’re now both doing really well in school and Rain has qualified for a very special college program wherein she’ll graduate high school with a 2 year college degree under her belt! Gage will be able to participate in a dual enrollment program that will allow him free college courses!

Bob, Shawn and Jen have been amazing for us and our kids. They’ve helped us all in so many ways…our gratitude is hard to express. The time and care they put into the kids to really get them to the point they’re at is extensive and they never tire from it. I’m so proud of my kids and I know it’s in great part due to the help we’ve had from this amazing group. We absolutely adore you guys!

Much love,

Tim & Snow Mooney