Butterflies are coming to Washburn Academy

The Butterflies are Coming!

This spring, the students at Washburn Academy of Clearwater learned about the life cycle of butterflies both in the classroom and through observation.

The students had the opportunity to watch as “specks of dirt” grew into caterpillars that quickly devoured the plants in their habitat. The caterpillars then climbed to the ceiling and became chrysalises. Students watched in awe as the butterflies emerged from their shells and spread their wings! They were then released into the butterfly garden that was recently created by the students.

This was an amazing experience that was enjoyed by both the staff and students as they followed the progress of butterflies in the making. Every aspect of this journey was a unique opportunity to observe and create; from learning in the classroom to enjoying and maintaining a butterfly garden.

Washburn Academy of Clearwater’s own Barbara Oliver even contributed one of her beautiful metal sculptures to adorn the wall of the building next to the garden.